Currently members and other “friends of Chepel” support 12 school children with half of the yearly total costs of 500 Euro for accomodation, school uniform and books, and food. We have started the scholarship program 4 years ago.

For whom is interested: Support for one year of education for one child adds up to 250 Euro. The total support would cover 5 years until the end of class 10 (classes 9 and 10 are given in the secondary school at Sotang), however, it is also possible to subscribe for 1 year of support only, which is of course also very welcome and appreciated. Each donator receives a scholarship certificate with a picture and the name of the child as well as a copy of his or her last school report and a personal letter at least once a year.

We always include at least half (2) girls in our scholarship program every year to give the girls the same chance for secondary education as the boys.

# Planned projects / planned projects
Education / school :
  1. Further renovation of the school building (roof renovation, interior plastering, outdoor area,
    electricity supply) / further renovation of the school building
  2. Provision of playground equipment for all children in the area on the campus / playing material
    for the kids of Chepel and its neigbourhood
  3. Further funding of the English teacher / further funding of the English teacher
  4. English lessons for the adults as well