From primary to boarding school

Chepel`s primary school (kindergarden – class 5) is being upgraded to a boarding school (including classes 6 – 8). With this project the live of many kids who had to walk for 3 or more hours one way to get to the Chepel school has been made much easier. They can now stay in the new hostel which gives accomodation for 35 kids including sleeping possibilities, a bathroom and food supply. The hostel is hosted by a couple from Chepel, which is another example for an income generating measure in Chepel. Thus, the hostel part is a project of Friends of Chepel e.V.

Additional teachers are provided and payed by the Nepali Government.

          The first kids have lunch at the hostel.

         The dormatory, not yet finished by the time of the picture.

         Building phase.