Friends of Chepel e.V.
Isabelle Buschulte
Theodor-Heuss-Str. 24
D-64646 Heppenheim



Account Number:
Sparkasse Starkenburg
IBAN:DE48 5095 1469 0010 4906 31

Application for membership

I herby declare my admission to the non-profit association Friends of Chepel e.V:

I / We want to join as

The termination of the membership is possible in writing with a time limit of 1 month to the end of the year, the termination comes into effect according to the statutes of the charity organisation.

  I transfer the annual premium to the above given bank account

  I legitimate Friends of Chepel e.V., to insert my annual premium from my
below given bank account. This is valid until cancelled in writing:

Friends of Chepel e.V.: Als gemeinnuzig anerkannt vom Finazamet Bensheim (Steuernummer 005 250 58699)