Support a scholarship

250 Euro a year cover half of all costs for the education of a child in the secondary school at Sotang comprising of the school fees, the housing, school material and the school uniform.

Friends of Chepel e.V. has started the scholarship program in 2014 and we are now supporting 11 school kids with 5 new kids to come this year.

This project allows it to families with very little income and/or a lot of children to also provide secondary school to a child. We believe that coming up for half of the total yearly costs is a valuable support for a family, but still needs their contribution to the education of their child.

Within the 4 – 5 kids which enter the program every year there are always at least half girls, meaning at least 2 girls per year.

The partnerschool of Chepel, the Nibelungen School in Heppenheim, has sponsored a library with English and Nepali books for Chepel. This is a unique project in the whole region, since it is the only library and the kids are absolutely keen on reading books, which they usually do not get hold of.

Ganga Kuluing Rai, 11 years
Dalhamu Sherpa, 11 years
Nirku Rai, 11 years

New school furniture, February 2016
One oven per classroom.

A typical classroom in 2012

This is how a classroom looked like in 2012: a loamy ground, no windows, no heating, old furnitures, the walls not plastered.

We started to renovate the school in 2013 and after it crumbled in 2015 in the course of the earthquake both school buildings were re-built from the sratch with new furniture, with oves, with windows, with light in the roof, and since 2017 with electricity.

An English teacher since 2014

Since 2014 Friends of Chepel comes up for the costs for an English teacher in Chepel. This has massively increased the ability of mainly the school kids to nowadays be able to have short conversations in English. Even the very small kids with 4 or 5 years are often already able to count to 100 in English.

On the picture you can see the English teacher Apasang.

The library with Nepali but also English books (mainly books for kids) also contributes to the English skills which the kids can develop and maintain.

School uniforms for all kids

With a donation from the partner school of Chepel, the Nibelungen School in Heppenheim Germany, we were able to give each school kid a new school uniform. For some of the kids it was even the very first one they ever had. To wear a school uniform is kind of a priviledge, since it proves that you have the chance to go to school.

Paper and pencils

Any kind of paper and pencils are always very welcome as a gift, even by the very little ones.

Here is Hiten-Tenzing, Karma`s youngest out of 5 children.