Who we are

Who we are and what we do

The association Friends of Chepel e.V. was founded in October 2012 following a private initiative and a close personal friendship with the family of Karma Sherpa from Chepel, a remote village in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. I met Karma, who is a Sherpa and an expedition and trekking guide during my first trekking tour in Nepal. For 7 years now Karma has been our marvellous project manager for all projects in Chepel.

In the course of my first trekking tour I decided to invite Karma to Germany and show him our country. One year later I was invited by him to his village Chepel, which is completely aside of any tourist route and thus had and still has no touristic infrastructure at all.

In the first year it was a 1-day jeep and 5-days tough trek over 3 passes to eventually reach Chepel.

After I had visited the little village for the first time in 2012 it was obvious that the population would very much benefit from some support and with Karma and his nephew Mingma we decided to establish Friends of Chepel e.V.

The aim and work of the organisation is based on sustainability and respects the culture and wishes of the people in Chepel. We support the people of the village with targeted help based on their own initiatives and each idea comes from the local village committee itself. Suggested projects are then brought to the attention of the whole village and agreed upon. And the active support of the villagers, mostly their manpower, is asked for each project.

Since we work on a completely voluntary basis each and every single Euro given for the foundation goes 1: 1 directly to Chepel, for that I personally guarantee!

Isabelle Buschulte



Power of representation

Managing Board 


Dr. Isabelle Buschulte, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 24, D – 64646 Heppenheim, Germany

Treasurer, Secretary

Susanne Kraft, Friends of Chepel e.V., Sachsenbuckelstr. 6, D – 64653 Lorsch, Germany

Tel.:  +49 172 6 22 74 31


Responsible for editorial content: Dr. Isabelle Buschulte, Susanne Kraft

E-Mail: info@friends-of-chepel.de


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The bridge which needs to be crossed to reach Chepel

Decisions are taken by the village committee

Men and women have the same voice and influence in the village

The education and well-being of the children plays a main role in our projects

Visits to Chepel

At least once a year a member of our foundation visits Chepel. It is not only to see how our project develop and to give additional support if needed. It is mainly to meet very good friends and every time I visit Chepel it is a bit like coming home.