The need of a Health Post in Chepel

The health care of the people in Chepel and the surrounding area is currently completely unsatisfactory. The next nurse-occupied “Health Post” is over 2 days march away. The sick people must be transported there on a plastic chair strapped to the back of a porter. Chepel has only a very limited range of drugs and bandages, which was brought to the village through the association.

Another big concern of the people in Chepel and the surrounding area is therefore the

Building a “Health Post”

in Chepel. This would be equipped with medicines and led by a specially trained nurse (ideally a woman from the village).


First time medication and very basic initial health training in Chepel in 2012

“Health education” at Karma’s home in August 2012 with Karma’s sister-in-law Lami , who manages the medicines in the village – without any education – and is the point of contact for residents who need a drug. The range of medication in Augsut 2012, however, was extremely modest and consisted of some blisters antibiotics, a blister of folic acid capsules and some old gaze bandages .

Karma translated the leaflets of the medicine I had brought from English into Nepali and wrote down the essential data on the medicines so that Lami could assign and apply the various therapeutics I brought for mainly pain, gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoe, eye infection, and skin diseases.






Smokeless stoves

Houses in Chepel and the surrounding villages all consist of one piece which is used for living, sleeping, and cooking. Until 2018 most of the houses had open fireplaces in their house, which meant that the houses were totally black inside due to the smoke and the smoke of course massively affected the inhabitant`s pulmonary health. Besides, especially little children often suffered from burn injuries after falling into the fire while playing. So did women whose dresses caught fire while cooking. Thus, those somkeless stoves, which have been provided to every household in Chepel, are a huge gain from a health perspective. With the stoves people can cook, heat and even have warm water.